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Blue Flat Elastic Cord Stretchy Thread Roll 75m 0.6mm




Flat Elastic thread for Jewellery Making.

Blue Flat Elastic Cord

Discover the perfect companion for your jewelry creations with our Flat Elastic Stretchy Cord. Specially designed for your gemstone beads and beaded bracelets, this elastic cord offers flexibility and durability like no other.

Crafted with a flat and thin profile, our elastic cord allows you to effortlessly pass through bead holes multiple times, enabling a secure and supportive hold for your intricate designs. Say goodbye to worries about breakage as this technique enhances the resilience of your jewelry, ensuring a lasting and stunning result.

The flat and thin nature of the cord distributes stress evenly, reducing the likelihood of breakage. This is crucial for jewellery items that may experience tension, such as stretch bracelets. The cord’s design helps absorb and disperse forces, making your creations more durable.

Elevate your jewelry projects with the reliability and versatility of our Flat Elastic Stretchy Cord. Unleash your creativity without limitations and let your designs shine with the strength and flexibility of this exceptional cord.


Flat Elastic thread can be used to make stretch bracelets, anklets or other jewelry crafts.

There is no need for a clasp because of it’s elasticity. You can easily slide the bracelets around your wrist.

The advantage of this cord is that knots can easily be hidden in the bead holes without crimping.
It is recommended to double the crystal cord for stronger support when threading the beads.


Blue Flat Elastic Cord



approx. 75m

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