20g MATUBO™ Beads SuperDuo Powdery Pastel Turquoise




20g MATUBO™ Beads SuperDuo Powdery Pastel Turquoise

Colour description:

Beads SuperDuo Powdery Pastel Turquoise

Powdery pastel beads offer a delicate and soft aesthetic, reminiscent of the gentle hues found in springtime blossoms and fluffy clouds. With their muted tones and subtle charm, these beads evoke feelings of innocence, nostalgia, and tranquility. Like a whisper of color on a gentle breeze or the subtle blush of dawn’s first light, powdery pastel beads add a touch of understated beauty to any design. Whether used in jewelry-making or crafting, they invite you to create pieces that exude a sense of subtle elegance and timeless grace, infusing your creations with a soft and dreamy ambiance that enchants the soul.

Turquoise color captures the essence of tropical waters and sunny skies, evoking feelings of serenity, tranquility, and escape. Like the shimmering waters of a pristine lagoon or the vibrant plumage of a tropical bird, turquoise exudes a sense of calmness and vitality. Whether used in fashion, decor, or art, this vibrant hue adds a pop of color and energy to any palette. Turquoise invites you to embrace the beauty of exotic destinations and create a space that is both refreshing and invigorating, like a serene oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

MATUBO™ SuperDuo Beads

Elevate your beadwork with MATUBO™ SuperDuo Beads – the go-to choice for crafting intricate patterns and structures.

These two-hole almond-shaped beads have gained immense popularity for their uniform size and shape. Their consistent dimensions are particularly crucial in sewing and beadwork projects, ensuring each bead maintains the same high quality, both in terms of size and shape.

The precision of MATUBO SuperDuo Beads is paramount, especially when attention to detail is key. Seamlessly integrate these beads into your projects, whether you’re creating stunning jewelry pieces or intricate beadwork designs.

MATUBO glass beads, including the SuperDuo variant, offer an extensive palette of colors and effects. Whether you’re aiming for a classic look or a more dynamic, eye-catching design, these beads provide the versatility you need to bring your creative vision to life. Explore the world of MATUBO SuperDuo Beads and unlock a spectrum of possibilities for your next beading project.



High Quality Czech Glass


5 mm x 2mm (length x width)

Drill Style: Double-drilled
Hole Size: 0.8mm

Colour code: 29313AL


bag of 20g MATUBO™ Beads SuperDuo Powdery Pastel Turquoise

Origin: Czech Republic ( Czechia )

Brand: Matubo™


MATUBO™ is a symbol of quality

“Discover the exquisite world of Matubo beads – Czech glass beads of unparalleled quality, globally recognized among the best in the industry alongside Toho and Miyuki. With a legacy spanning three decades, Matubo stands as a testament to innovation.

Founded by a Czech family, Matubo introduced groundbreaking automatic pressed technology, ensuring perfect shapes and sizes in each glass bead. Elevate your designs with Matubo beads, boasting original and unique color variants and coatings.

Variety of shapes and sizes – MATUBO beads are characterized by a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for different beading techniques. Among the most well-known are round beads 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0, two-hole beads Superduo, Gemduo, MiniDuo,Rulla, NIB-BIT, and GINKO.

These shapes can also be combined with each other or with other types of beads.


What Can You Use Superduo Beads For?

MATUBO beads have versatile applications.

Whether you’re into: – beading – jewellery making – beadwork – embroidery – sewing – home decore – beads mosaic or macrame jewellery


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Weight 21 g

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