2.5” Tube 1 Transparent Crystal Toho Treasure Seed Beads 11/0 1.7mm



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Are you looking for the perfect seed beads for your next project? Look no further than these Japanese 2.5” Tube Toho Treasure Seed Beads in Transparent Crystal. These smooth beads are crafted with precision and care, with a soft and beautiful matte finish. Perfect for jewelry projects and more, these beads measure 11/0 at 1.7mm. Let your imagination go wild and make something beautiful with these beads.

Put bold touches on designs with these TOHO Treasure seed beads. TOHO Treasure seed beads are high-quality cylinder beads featuring thin walls and large holes. They allow for many passes of thread, so they are an excellent choice for intricate bead work. Use them in loom projects, peyote and brick stitch, stringing projects, and more. You’ll delight in working with them every time, as they are very consistent in size, shape, and color. These small 11/0 beads will add wonderful pops of color in your designs, while bringing detail and texture.



2.5Inch Tube (approx. 1400 beads/7g)

Diameter: 1.7 x 1.3mm
Pulling Hole: 0.7 mm

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