10g 707 Matte Color Iris Peridot Toho Cube Seed Beads 4mm



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Get creative with your crafting with this set of Toho Cube Seed Beads from Tokyo, Japan. These 4mm beads come in a gorgeous peridot iris color that will add a dynamic, sophisticated look to your projects. The matte finish adds a level of subtlety that makes each bead even more special. Use for jewelry-making, weaving, and more — these high-quality 10g cube seed beads by Toho will add elegance to any project.

TOHO means “Eastern Treasure”. Renowned for the consistency in colour and size, Toho seed beads are perfect for bead weaving, bead loom work and bead stringing. The TOHO CUBES beads are cut with amazing precision. The outer shape and hole is cute square like a dice. They make wonderful spacers and are perfect for weaving.


10g (approx. 100 beads)

Diameter: 4 mm
Pulling Hole: 2 mm

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